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Trade Log

January 30, 2018 ------------
18- Traded instrumentality: my yakumo19 for sweeten09

November 05, 2017 ------------
17- Traded Brittany: my sig_netbug for sig_brittany
16- Traded anaraine: my chidrain19, emotionless19 for crayon1, crayon8
14- Traded scblakdrgon: my ikuoot11 for raindance01

November 01, 2017 ------------
13- Traded Jun: my elysium02, diverdown04, giroexpress05, idiocy12, wait06, zippo05 for creati17, stealthhero13, corazon12, hyena05, kujakki01, kujakki16

October 22, 2017 ------------
7- Traded MErcy: my hairloss05, telepath02 for striaton03, trio19
5- Traded Ouji: my chaldea20, cointoss01, gridania15, harbors03 for rougeschool07, wingly15, young09, support09
1- Traded needles: my dismay03 for trio07

October 08, 2017 ------------
20- Traded Anna D: my stillalive06, septette04, septette14, eroge20 for plegia01, sensitive09, wingly20, thejackal08
16- Traded Miro: my cute18 for pilum13
15- Traded Catie: my sig_netbug for sig_catie
14- Traded Harris: my senkaimon13, shulshagana08 for trio17, striaton02
12- Traded Ouji: my hope07 for trio18

October 06, 2017 ------------
11- Traded Jane: my temsik18 for sleighbeggy11
10- Traded zeittari: my journey14, deadlines14 for sleighbeggy07, sleighbeggy15

October 04, 2017 ------------
8- Traded Lacie: my haircut05, expedition03, centurion20, ruinmode11 for sleighbeggy04, sleighbeggy06, sleighbeggy16, sleighbeggy18
4- Traded niyo: my tactician07 for trio08
3- Traded Lex: my memories08, systems07 for striaton01, trio16

October 01, 2017 ------------
1- Traded Jane: my takeover14, snowmaru09 for icefield01, bomber02
19- Traded Lee: my ryouran11, jokes19, soccer12 for airplane17, amita09, aria09
16- Traded Jun: my turfwar03 for crayon1
15- Traded Canute: my avilio03 for trio02

September 26, 2017 ------------
14- Traded Lita: my cosmicmind03, highpeak16, konpeito04, office05, art20, chair04, demihuman14, hartmann07, heir14, japanese09, pucelle10, pucelle11, swordswoman05, swordswoman20 for bigeater17, dandy06, dandy08 disciple19, drumisland20, gastanets01, lifebelt05, manakete11, medabot10, modo-modo06, mysticruins06, ryusoken08, sanctioned19, sensitive16, shadowgift14, stg09, stg16, wingly12, wingly19
20- Traded Catie: my nevarra05 for trio05
19- Traded Lacie: my tantrum04 for trio04
18- Traded Sky: my analog05, cruelty15, soulgang06, dwn-01513, dwn-02413, chimera10, hereditary03, lefthand11, lefthand18, mistress15, humanity11, humanity16, ontario20, oujuu03, robotic20, scanner06, schwarzwelt14, sezan11, sezan20, turningtide15, warmagus02 for alabasta08 archest13, chonsin05, disciple19, east-khan19, exalt14, hyena06, kwg02, lifebelt08, manakete02, modo-modo13, orchard03, oversleeper02, pirateflag06, pot11, ryusoken17, shadowgift14, slr19, stg11, stg20, tripping07
16- Traded Aletha: my fullest06 for trio12

September 24, 2017 ------------
15- Traded anaraine: my pipsqueaks02 for trio03
14- Traded Switch it Up: my for trio15

September 20, 2017 ------------
14- Traded Ivory and Horn: my antecedent12, rashomon20, salt01, unlimited17, immortality16, indecent10, trace08 for ball09 kalos04, chargebolt20, plegia14, twinkling08, support07, support17
7- Traded Ivory and Horn: my tainted09, welcome12, anklets18, gnaw08, demifiend02 for giraffe03 starcave06, gray15, minervykins13, modo-modo14
2- Traded Jun: my bleep01, bloodtalon09, dutiful03, driger03, deduction15, future07, hated19, gamegear05, inspector14, ishrasark08, kagemane06, lowee19, motorbike17, nekopunch17, shinyrod01, slapping01, usamin09, wildchild09, deny19 for bellossom11 bellossom20, c-class16, denpa02, denpa19, determined02, excluded20, glacier14, hadouken01, hadouken15, health07, icedland04, icedland17, legal17, loveshower11, moped03, moped18, player101, punchout01
3- Traded Harris: my belarus06, broom15, branded15, san18 for cellophane19, creati18, grapejuice10, megadrive10

September 19, 2017 ------------
19- Traded sinew: my attorney11, chess02, converted06, converted16, famous17, handcuffs01, handcuffs04, housework06, housework10, housework19, mafioso14, mafioso17, sechs19, trigger01 for
4- Traded Canute: my beelzebub14, calamity07, christianity17, eternal11, karmicloop04, lempicka18, roseprince18, shoeless15, smokyjail10, somnians02, squadron13, valkyrie04 for a-class04 bedridden05, bedridden17, bigeater03, chao13, chao14, chromacamo15, dynast09, east-khan12, emerald17, exalt16, gawds05

September 14, 2017 ------------
12- Traded Lacie: my blurball15, speedstar20, rhythm05, skipped05, skipped11, tarundoru06, tarundoru13, bubblegum06, kakinoki03, kokeshi12 for shadowsword14, quincy11, quincy12, quincy13 bigeater10, dandy03, gizoid10, jetpack15, extinct14, protective10, lascivious11, foodie10, quincy07
2- Traded Cami: my dragonkick04, aspire20, ironheart13, hookshot03, all-purpose13, aristocracy03, artemis06, artemis14, radiantwaltz20, rap03, purewhite09 for ark13 exalt15, medabot03, medabot04, medabot12, mysticruins04, mysticruins19, scoop18, starcave01, support03, sweeten16, megadrive10
10- Traded Miro: my dashing06, benishigure08, bk-20113, body04, brains06, captain19, dependent14, dtr20, efficient04, flaming09, granny09, granny17, harihara11, ideals08, junkshop15, kanebo01, kanebo10, strategy08, nudist10, player05, porcupine16, resurrect20, snacks11, streetgang04, third13, trips15, wine06 for gynophobia04 self-driven01, self-driven07, speedosound04, bedridden04, bedridden05, bedridden09, bigeater07, chao07, chao11, chao20, chromacamo03, dandy08, drumisland06, emerald01, erudite14, heartache17, heyheyhey09, lifebelt08, magnagate06, magnagate18, speedosound07, speedosound19, starcave05, stg01, stg20, tripping01
3- Traded Adelicya: my deathscythe04, entermate09, lily04, whiteknight19, windcrystal20, wristband04, younglings08, younglings20, chancellor07, feather11, genbushin15, hirarin20, kakkii04, kiseki-ou15, longinus03, manderville13, aquaactress03, arctic03, beautiful11, brute04, cascade09, celestial02, defense19, eagle20, entermachine17, hikari14, ikazuchi10, ikazuchi16, mizar06, cureecho11, darkboots03, darkboots07, anklets10, breeder08, bullets14, bum11, bungee20, cannondale08, cartology09, cattle11, chakra01, charisma10, cheat02, choker20, contacts06, curses18, deliver14, demonqueen09, raimeiki06, recipes17, reticent17, seashells03, shogiclub09, niconico07, powerful03, report09, report10, report20, seafood16, twilight11, wild18, zeref10, porsche07, ptrd-4108, retroclover17, shortfuse10, theraijuu11, theraijuu17, wristband10 for likable16 rosewood16, sensitive18, shadowsword12, tangerine07, twinkling07, gray05, gray16, megadrive11, megadrive13, support07, support14, support15, white04, white05, white17, alabasta17, ark04, bigeater01, bigeater04, carpenter04, chromacamo08, chromacamo11, chromacamo12, chromacamo16, chromacamo18, dandy10, earphones01, earphones03, earphones17, emerald07, entercards20, extinction07, extinction17, gastanets04, gastanets14, giraffe08, giraffe16, giraffe19, gizoid19, gottagofast12, heartache16, heyheyhey11, hyena14, insensitive05, insensitive15, ironmace15, lifebelt01, lifebelt17, medabot06, medabot19, pirateflag04, pot10, raremedals04, redriot01, redriot20, rejection19, rosewood07, ryusoken08, ryusoken09, ryusoken14, scoop08, scoop11, shadowsword07, shadowsword18, starcave19, sweeten20, tangerine18, thefalcon07, ushiushi17, wingly06, wingly18

September 08, 2017 ------------
14- Traded Aru: my attacker07, firewhip18, humanity11, balthasar05, create18, dixneuf08, dixneuf13, evangelion08, eylstadt12, injured01, krauser20, lonely09, manly12, masochistic17, merman07, merman16, motivated05, oath17, pebble07, redcomet05, redcomet19, scrawl02, yuujinchou05 for exalt15 heartache07, heartache19, hexes15, heyheyhey14, heyheyhey17, hyena20, manakete14, missiletainn09, modo-modo04, pirateflag07, pirateflag20, raremedals10, rejection14, ryusoken11, speedosound20, thejackal19, tornado01, tripping20, ushiushi16, axolotl03, basketball05, beastking07
11- Traded Tanna: my genki16, clocks14, foodpuns05, aoitori06, cards02, cupnoodles19, greengate03, jewelry04, lemonade18, mindofgod07, raising08, skater11, winterfairy18, wrestler18, sweets16 for azran01 beastking01, bookstore20, cabbage06, cabbage06, cape09, comet13, courage08, dimensions17, dreamyard02, fireorb02, greathorn06, heatwave03, isolated04, lascivious17
16- Traded Erin: my caster18, deadly08, miraculous19, ariadoney17, magic18, nickel02, scroll13, swim20, twisted03 for modo-modo02, gastanets10, thejackal02, minervykins13, tablesalt18, rosewood18, shadowsword07, shadowsword10, self-driven17
7- Traded Jun: my attacker10, backfire01, disney14, elecspark11, gao05, gaps07, greatknife03, modernmagic18, rope01, aircavalry03, aircavalry04, all-knowing09, all-knowing11, anxiouswhite06, asgard16, babied19, dln-00308, dwn-02308, dwn-02318, dwn-03420, dwn-03816, candles04 for megadrive03, ark02, bedridden02, bigeater05, dandy12, emerald02, erudite01, gastanets11, hexed16, hmm03, hyena08, hyena18, kwg07, kwg14, medabot10, mesmerizing02, modo-modo06, rosewood06, sensitive05, sensitive13, ushiushi16, whitehorse20
5- Traded Pinnku: my chat09, flaming05, guitarist10, guitarist15, lovehime01 for alabasta01, archest14, emerald08, littlebuddy01, slr17
20- Traded Jun: my crayon6 for crayon5
20- Traded Veth: my brandless20, shepherds13 for fitness18, oceanside08

August 31, 2017 ------------
18- Traded Aletha: my crayon7 for
18- Traded 9tales: my crayon4 for
18- Traded Lahariel: my crayon2 for
18- Traded Anna: my crayon3 for
18- Traded Aru: my crayon1, crayon1, crayon1, crayon1, crayon1, crayon1, crayon8, crayon8, crayon8, crayon8 for crayon3, crayon3, crayon3, crayon5, crayon5, crayon5, crayon5, crayon5, crayon5, crayon5

August 30, 2017 ------------
18- Traded Harris: my nohomo20, polytechnic12, renegades06, suit09, northitaly06, norway07, patriot02, patriot16, switzerland04, nine10, oar04, slyfox06, stickynotes05, stickynotes09, sunfish07, train12, america11, estonia03, gin11, judgement06, judgement11, kaka10, lovefreak08, alter10, annihilate15, asturia08, classa09, classa18, condiments12, crimibear18, craft02, futari08, haro04, kattobing14, kattobing20, lovegun05, color09, luckystar20 for creati10, drumisland01, emerald18, hexes02, insensitive18, madam07, self-driven02, sensitive12, tablesalt02, tablesalt08, west-khan14, alabasta02, alabasta16, bedridden08, drumisland10, gastanets07, gizoid20, gottagofast06, jetpack12, kwg04, madam18, orchard10, pirateflag04, raremedals08, raremedals19, ryusoken16, ryusoken18, sensitive02, shadowgift15, shadowsword12, speedosound19, stg09, tangerine05, tangerine11, tangerine16, tangerine19, thevaike01, ylisse15
20- Traded Brittany: my froppy01, appearance20, chick16, grudges09, ruler02, smokescreen05 for elucidator18, extinct12, gawds15, gawds16, exalt04, gizoid06
14- Traded Tanna: my beautiful01, iwant04, kaka12, rabbit18, reject09, reject12, sakejug13 for corazon07, ushiushi04, bedridden13, gray10, chromacamo16, gottagofast15, rosewood03
7- Traded Dina: my peachtree09 for likable08
6- Traded Lita: my daru01, feminine06, dab16, firefighter02, foresight03, gasoline16, islero06, neoaikido14, pious04, scholar05 for manakete09, chonsin18, drumisland01, speedosound18, grapejuice12, pinky16, redriot17, gizoid09, jetpack01, jetpack13
16- Traded Lahariel: my bubblebeam11, lovey-dovey12, moneylover20, inventions14, prinny02, robotics17, rock05, teardrop06, wrath17, outdated10 for cheery08, gallant12, self-driven12, self-driven16, self-driven19, sensitive20, west-khan11, young14, chromacamo04, tablesalt11
6- Traded Lee: my erase04, phan-site20, tv16, shinychariot16, shinyrod20, triskellion16 for argent04, uravity02, blackblood02, blackblood13, keyboard01, keyboard04

August 20, 2017 ------------
20- Traded Tanna: my cupnoodles02, curerouge06, drooling01, greengate13, ladle15, magiic17, meramera08, myshin06, myshin12, oldest10, passion09, poacher06, stalking08 for gallant10, chonsin04, shadowgift19, valm17, meltyluna13, entercards12, magicalfire15

August 19, 2017 ------------
7- Traded Lee: my inspector17, knowledge08, lucoa14, moscow02, indecisive03, jewel17, lucoa04, monocle10, shinychariot09, thebrain07, triskellion19, priest11, priest14, stillalive19, triplelutz14, unitone14 for yellow15, wingly02, kwg13, shadowsword11, alabasta18, bedridden05, bigeater03, dwarf19, gastanets10, giraffe06, kujakki09, orchard16, pirateflag03, tangerine04, heyheyhey05, gray03, chao08, chromacamo03
11- Traded veth: my inthebag10 for rigging19
10- Traded lahariel: my backfire20, ser-veresta10 for determined14, chase11, and zanpakuto10
8- Traded arcadianmyrmidon: my waltz10, chiefmaid13 for blackhole06, huladance13
6- Traded mori: my driger03, parfait09, phobia20, spider03, trygator08 for hero09, pirateflag03, satchel16, thepawn12, west-khan20
1- Traded zeittari: my chronos18, tours06, alamode12, duckcurse04, duckcurse12, echoes17, emonzaemon04, hesitation09, mindset01, momo13, momo16, rabbitcurse12, sleepy04, tensionmax16, tuner07 for grudges03, grudges08, grudges09, grudges11, grudges19, grudges20, gruesome17, mona20, pipemaze11, uravity04, uravity19, labyrinthia04, labyrinthia07, labyrinthia14, labyrinthia15
5- Traded Lita: my telepathy10, agi07 for affection18, technology05
3- Traded Veth: my arctic08, candidacy09, koubu15, telepathic05, telepathic10 for yellow14, wingly13, tablesalt05, slr18, universe03
18- Traded Natsume's Book of Cards: my martuba05, martuba06, martuba12, hamburgers20, hamburgers06 for entercards01, entercards03, entercards04, magnagate01, magnagate02

August 04, 2017 ------------
18- Traded Cassie: my accident14, tactful03 for archest04, trickyfox05

July 30, 2017 ------------
16- Traded Recycled Art: my for powerpuff02, powerpuff13, rhythmic07, rhythmic10, rhythmic17, admiration07, admiration13, admiration14, admiration19, admiration20, airplane06, airplane19, aisu04, aisu17, aisu19, amahara03, amahara06, amahara15, amahara18, angelic14, anima01, anima05, cosplay16, ahoge03, ahoge14, ambidex13, arrows02, arrows11, arrows12, arrows17, arrows20, bara05, bara09, chalphy13, chalphy17, christmas01, christmas03, christmas04, christmas06, christmas09

July 29, 2017 ------------
16- Traded adurotum: my earthpulse03, frei16, hideandseek17, poorthing18, heartbeat20, hirarin10, shepherd13, squadron19 for a-class03, a-class18, brandless20, wingly11, scoop12, disciple18, pirateflag04, pirateflag17
8- Traded adelycia: my post-skip04 for butcher20
7- Traded kelliedee: my nosy05 for butcher02
6- Traded neverbepractical: my nee-san05 for yellow09

July 28, 2017 ------------
5- Traded Natsume's Book of Cards 20: my vers12, phonestrap07, sarcastic09, sarcastic12, palu19, cockatoo13 for volcano01, hive01, cianwood01, cianwood03, fuchsia01, soul01
5- Traded Natsume's Book of Cards 20: my original06, original14, competitive08, competitive16 for wandering02, wandering04, cape02, cape03
5- Traded Dina: my agoraphobic20, charmkiss10, charmkiss15, noir12, prosecutor12, prosecutor16, tv13 for chonsin07, east-khan03, thevaike11, young07, exalt19, hexed02, orchard17

July 18, 2017 ------------
18- Traded toffeecat: my gemdust03 for butcher03
17- Traded Lita: my unpopular16 for butcher14
16- Traded ivoryandhorn: my gaedearg11, garouga16, respected15, scarfwings11 for oversleeper19, oversleeper20, east-khan18, parallel14
12- Traded catfriend: my pacifism04 for butcher04
11- Traded Lee: my shinyrod05 for butcher07
10- Traded Jane: my sirix04 for likable01

July 17, 2017 ------------
9- Traded junee: my yourboy02 for butcher05
8- Traded Lacie: my vikinghorn06, vikinghorn14, usu18, segway07, nitoryu14, fifth09, lucky11, motion07, pinch17, hadoukyuu06, lucky04, mental01 for bishop20, doubledash09, rook15, kacchon07, 27yearsold16, broomstick15, broomstick18, catfish10, chonsin09, chonsin15, flamebody14, gottagofast15
16- Traded Harris: my for thewary10, no-nonsense14, gynophobia03, gynophobia07, taguel01, warmonk16, east-khan07, west-khan19, crayon8, crayon8, crayon1, crayon2, crayon3, crayon4, crayon5, crayon6, crayon7, crayon1, crayon2, crayon3, crayon4, crayon5, crayon6, crayon7

July 10, 2017 ------------
16- Traded Lahariel: my aldan17, camelot10, order14, ronin12 for beastking18, cynophobia13, perfume09, surf13
12- Traded Kaede: my onlyfriend08, observer05, iceprince01, floral03, infatuated06, melancholy10, angelysugar20, erratic15 for malasada15, smokescreen05, argent08, electrabuzz14, gray14, white02, brandless08, mythical09
4- Traded Recycled Art: my for denpa02, denpa03, denpa04, denpa08, denpa10, bookstore03, blackharu07, blackharu14, apologize20, apologize06, apologize07, apologize08, lighter18, saltysol19, fleurir09, fleurir17, fleurir20, fascinated03, fascinated09, chocolatier13, baking02, baking19, mysticruins13, lifebelt08, whitehorse07, whitehorse19, thefalcon06, pirateflag15, ironmouse16, hyena03, giraffe05, drumisland05, minervykins20, support08, support10, wingly02, shadowsword09, a-class02, alabasta04, dandy05

July 06, 2017 ------------
4- Traded NAtsume: my standup20, varna17, varna18, prediction14, predilection09 for avarice01, avarice02, generation02, generation05, sakura01
19- Traded toffeecat: my gawrsh19, darkdjinn07, feather03, meanies08, nazcaa11, norende13, pickpocket09, posh07, seeress19, shutter20, sleeping01, supermodel08, thief11, thief13 for bedridden04, bigeater01, chromacamo15, corazon19, gastanets14, gottagofast07, littlebuddy11, madam02, pirateflag15, rougeschool11, speedosound16, tablesalt04, thejackal02, yellow17
5- Traded reneetwist: my abroad02, akagami20, aqours14, cursedseal01, eternal18, heavymetal20, itako13, jurai19, masamune17, cola04, conjurer18, countess17, dragonclaw01, enjoy06, excalipoor09, gaebolg03, gaebolg19, genbu01, getaway19, goron14, greece17, heavymetal03, hebihime09, hellfire14, humble03, islander06, izumo10, izumo18, kichou02, king20, lace07, latvia07, marseille01, memento18, bold14, bungee05, capoeira01, chant11, chiwawa09, cocteau05, compromiser19, convey07, cthugha12, daddy17, daughter19, deceive07, demonrose02, devil04, digimon12, dissect05, dln-00808, doting01, drillspear04, dualwield13, dystopia12, egotistical14, endoscopy05, escape17, facade09, fantasize03, poultry04, serenade14, spain07, speed10, star20, vexed12, nose03, nose20, playbirdie08, pottery13, pride08, pride16, propagation05, prussia17, punishment15, repeat02, rosebleue05, rougeschool15, scarydriver03, scarydriver06, scarydriver20, sealand01, sealand02, sealand03, sealand05, sensei10, serenade08, smitten15, spot-billed18, star02, strategy11, strategy12, sunset01, tease04, territory08, territory14, ulster15, weaponry04, weed07, weed10, weed12, weed20 for medabot08, raremedals15, rosewood01, sanctioned06, drumisland16, gastanets15, modo-modo10, ryusoken19, ushiushi01, friendship06, longing09, marching05, minidragon02, crimson13, crimson17, number2318, mysteries04, privilege10, story12, emotion19, poems15, boat08, carrier13, ditz04, ditz06, fortree10, galactic19, gardevoirite03, lumiose06, pants07, ranger11, trickyfox03, famicom14, hadouken01, hadouken20, health15, hydropump18, onett19, triplefinish01, runner10, runner12, shine03, shine05, blackberry04, dearj03, graduate16, hustle11, hustle19, kirara19, megu20, paruru03, position004, shonichi01, stage20, raijinshuu12, soundpod14, strip08, electricity07, naught03, submit12, aspirebreak08, asteroid08, copybot07, cosmogate05, cosmogate06, cosmogate07, cruelty11, cybeast05, firebird17, fireworks09, fishseller06, flamejets07, flowershop05, formalities14, gatlingpin10, gravityhole04, gutspunch13, heatwave10, hospital04, hospital09, iciclefall01, iciclefall19, larkdive19, levelseven02, levelseven10, levelseven16, mail08, metroline11, metroline16, muramasa09, mystdata03, nebula11, neo-www04, neonlight04, netbomb20, netfrica05, netfrica19, netop20, netsafety04, nstackle07, nstackle17, powerplant12, pronto15, puku12, secretarea16, snowstorm09, sparkwave13, stonebody12, worldthree16, gemstone04, redeyes01, redeyes08, virtual05, walkure02, walkure10, determined07, shepherds14
3- Traded Miro: my lust09, jyuuken09, sandaime06, sandaime14, iwa-chan09 for chespie02, exp05, flamebody10, jetpack10, manakete06

July 05, 2017 ------------
18- Gifted Harris: my nelde03, nests06, perutan03, natural02, nil03, nike02, nag18, nataku20, relationer12, sextuplet03, silkyheart18, softbuns02, steam09, sunfish03, sunfish13, thumbsup07, private18, rodent09, sergeant01, sergeant05, sergeant07, sergeant09, sergeant15, spotted09, negotiator10, ooparts13, pipi10, reject17, newrecruit03, pikori02, polarbear10, territory04

July 04, 2017 ------------
6- Traded chronikle: my april20, border06, coffee14, darkfire19, darkhenge12, draciel13, droids17, ganbaruby03, hyperion13, kingkazma20, lifeenergy03, loyalty07, luckless07, magatama05, magatama06, redaxe16, sapphire17, schemer03, swordlike18, undress14, voile10 for sanctioned07, modo-modo13, chao20, jetpack18, lifebelt08, fascinated16, vesta11, retainer06, retainer18, archaeology14, moped02
5- Traded bobanaicha: my 198811, harasho17, dna17, dance07, goofy03, motion16, princess09, one-cut07 for acdc14, clubfun17, lateshift16, prince05
17- Traded Cassie: my buchou10, chessboard17, cult08, cult12, hoihoi01 for sparrow06, homunculi16, prince05, redriot04, gastanets03, pirateflag16, magnagate12, emerald05, inexpressive07, chopping16

July 01, 2017 ------------
12- Traded Lex: my break18, avalanche09 for unnoticed03, thewary02
10- Traded Kiri: my sunflowers08, reinherz05, overexcited07, tsuki09, rufous02, outerspace02, oasi11, oasi12, sleepy01, lonepoet04, keeneye04, bigdipper12, ideals09, sponsored02, role13, develop04, foresight19 for bubble08, bubble19, hexes15, support01, froppy06, sanctioned14, stg01, bedridden14, drumisland15, ironmace16, orchard03, pirateflag08, ryusoken19, thejackal11, ushiushi10, carpenter14, heartache17
13- Traded anaraine: my beasts18, cedef04, cloud14, kora01, pegasus16, rod07, sanjouin08, shower12, shower20, starhealer11, threemins05, threemins13 for active13, balloon15, balloon19, flyingpress20, fitness08, bluestar16

June 26, 2017 ------------
1- Traded Lahariel: my whispered19, symbologist20, succession09, sorcerer16, skilled12, skilled15, scorpion05, scorpion16, sandrock10, swallow02, order01, order16, saillune04, raison20 for drumisland20, flowershop17, nstackle14, pokedex04, sakanade07, magicaloid4401, repair07, sweat13, sunshine03, extinct18
7- Traded ivoryandhorn: my anklets02, bewitching13, octo-punch04, whiteblood17, childarmy02, dolphin19, elevator07, gigolo11, lobster13, jewel13, chaldea03, gao16, heroes05, mainyu08, marshmallow01, marshmallow11, nolonger08, poodle15, redhood12, stowaway17, womanizing10, temple05, traps07, whiteblood05, siegfried02, siegfried06, ringmaster17, scribbled18 for dwarf04, dwarf17, dwarf19, jadedragon18, dwarf17, sweeten06, elocution02, minervykins15, rougeschool09, redriot13, alabasta07, cannibal12, drumisland04, giraffe08, slr14, slr20
19- Traded kureto: my astra06, accidental04, angelo15, jello18, kapow03, lovehime16, playing04, styling15, whiskey16 for archest07, erudite18, mesmerizing17, pining10, pot13, taguel20, rosewood15, sanctioned14, rougeschool18

June 25, 2017 ------------
10- Traded lahariel: my chastiefol07, osmanthus13, baby03, lostvayne07, fireball11, tenseiga08 for electabuzz16, ipc20, netbomb06
4- Traded Natsume's Book of Cards: my worthless15, worthless16, devoured04, devoured10, devoured11 for eagle01, eagle02, eagle04, sing03, sing04

June 17, 2017 ------------
4- Traded Kat: my flamenblue18, flamenblue20, highrollers19 for iceberg01, skatepark01, squishy01

June 16, 2017 ------------
1- Traded Natsume's Book of Cards 14: my tent02, tent04, vegetables04, vegetables20, unsurpassed09 for vinewhip09, vinewhip10, disobedient01, aitakatta01, aitakatta02

June 04, 2017 ------------
1- Traded tiddly_widdly: my uchuu16, doubleflat15, insomnia01 for

June 02, 2017 ------------
18- Traded Recycled Art: my for whipsmack14, war11, war15, bluesea02, whitesilver04, whitesilver14, redeyed08, redeyed12, redeyed20, jadedragon12, cakes13, anima02, anima04, anima06, anima11, anima14, anima15, anima16, anima19, ahoge02

May 27, 2017 ------------
18- Traded Natsume's Book of Cards 12: my crawling02, crawling07, lavaorb06, girl01, girl07 for countering04, countering07, poisonsting03, smokescreen07, smokescreen09

May 19, 2017 ------------
18- Traded Book of Cards: my yamainu07, memorybomb20, leadership13, tosei09, tosei18 for airblast01, wildrush01, lionhead01, longing01, longing02

May 16, 2017 ------------
18- Traded catfriend: my 8312, hedgehog02, host19 for
15- Traded catfriend: my ricky06 for speedosound12
14- Traded junee: my meanies13, babble15, shocking02, tower10 for whipsmack11
10- Traded pinkoctcopus: my boxingring11, angelysugar12, angelysugar16, angelysugar19, meruru16, mikage01, mainstream14, magoroku05, magoroku09, maiden07, maiden09, legionnaire20, know-it-all02, grandcross12, grandcross13, gungnir08, geisha19, gaudy06, gaudy18, extinction08, extinction13, extinction16, aquaactress11, flask01, deathtrap17, heroines10, burstspear10, coach03, coach11, centurio19, cham08, care14, coward09, respected16, pinkpearl12, pinkpearl14, widow07, wind-up09, uniform08, uniform16, tokunaga03, tokunaga18, tears02, tears16, stylist02, stylist06, suishouhime15, steam16, soup10, soup11, silverknife11, skirt02, skirt06, skirt11, shards01, searching20, seance05, seance09, sadistic08, robotic01, ribbons13, resistance05, resistance17, oodachi08, pageant01, origins19, ocean19, nurse08, nyaa05, neomu07, nonocchi06, operator14, negi14, nyanyaya19, suishouhime09, shulshagana15, shulshagana20, requests08, pawpad04, weblin08, rush01 for giraffe20, harpy17, pirateflag08, fascinated15, reliability13, tomboy15, witchelny04, icequeen19, sin11, labyrinthia10, labyrinthia17, bullying14, step-mom19, velvetroom01, avatar15, durandal01, onett04, ragnell06, tomochin16, julbirthday11, marbirthday14, maybirthday01, soundpod19, creamland02, giftshop09, magicfire17, muramasa19, mystdata06, mystdata17, netbomb20, scilab04, snowstorm17, sonicblade09, tapereel20, vulcangun14, waterworks16, bigisland08, resolve07, antagonist09, boomerang11, bossy16, burst05, chitchat07, clean01, cursed05, distinction17, distinction19, drill17, enthusiast19, gears06, gears16, girl-like11, halberd07, hypnosis06, mint13, nyoro09, officelady15, proud12, repair19, romance14, scavenger11, seiyuu17, spacepatrol12, sparkball14, stringless06, studious11, valkyrie11, whirlwind13, yamaken15, arrows08, bionis18, captains19, christmas10, cosplay12, heirs15, heirs17, megaten07, remakes20, rins05, scars11, shaft07, splat12, world20
9- Traded Tanna: my unlicensed17, icefairy18, okaro03, muscles15, mipo08, meramera07, huladance02, barrier05, unlicensed18, unlicensed19, uguu18, toilet08, toilet14, thesun16, themoon02, sweets17, summerfairy08, skater05, pyo15, poor07, ordinary11, nyu09, jewelry07, icefairy04, hostility06, chee-su07, muscles10, mountains10, mediocrity01, kosmos06, kosmos11, grumbly09, futari05, fallfairy07, dream03, delinquent05 for comet10, watching15, tealeaves14, spore11, slam07, satchel18, ranger09, rage13, pokedex08, inspired08, inspired16, interviewer16, horn09, disobedient09, whitesilver07, redriot03, rosewood19, sanctioned17, corazon10, ryusoken09, ushiushi09, ushiushi11, chopping01, epinard19, tomboy12, bookstore15, impulsive02, seahorse19, onigiri18, unchanging11, icequeen13, azran03, boxer12, bullying09, cabbage03, emotion11, revenge03
13- Traded adelicya: my cavalry10, dantalion01, gridania11 for holocaster01, starlight01, oldgrowth01
10- Traded eclair: my fc3s11, fd3s10, fd3s10, flute06, flute10, flute15, whitecoat18, woman19 for shepherds10, corgi04, paperthin01, princesskey06, deva06

May 15, 2017 ------------
2- Traded Rizu: my steward07, copying17, stupidcat13, helping17 for kacchan13, stg04, drumisland11, puppy17

May 14, 2017 ------------
18- Traded Lita: my evilking03 for moves03
17- Traded Kiri: my prankdevil04 for moves02
16- Traded Sami: my allies19, xxxx12, extar19, loligothic01, strike05, pinkcup05, b-rabbit12, stargaze04, liberator19, curefelice12, criticrista19, scalchop02, senbon20, treats10, return01, relationer13, shield08, voiceless10, pinkcup07, pooka19, sanguinem11, reticent18, uryu08, sullen08, teacher02, teacher10, extar07, loligothic12, moral01, hydrangea13, limiters03, belderiver14, motorbike05, hotheaded11, liberator07, honey10, driftbomb02, dreamisland15, dreamisland18, devotee08, mama02, band14, gaps05, demihuman03 for fleurir18, rigging16, alabasta03, tapioca02, ramen09, redoni20, proud03, proud18, pokute14, nude13, ideya05, ideya11, ideya18, hitwoman19, delusions14, apples19, blackblood18, bluestar02, croquettes12, koisuru09, 75th09, blush03, tvshopping05, ovenfires20, levelseven19, gyrostorm18, elecbeam18, darkloid06, huge09, doubledash18, volcano09, rage17, forlorn13, dreamyard04, fairytale09, grandprix07, god14, legal03, paranormal20, protective08, sanctioned15, raremedals10, spoons18, megadrive09, endings16

April 07, 2017 ------------
12- Traded Arianne: my xenian20, firebuster11, bloodhound18, salaryman10, pharle11, otakulife08, mistaken18, makai12, mainstream16, keyanimator08, humble11, darkhunter20, denial13, knife-throw03 for mythical13, mythical15, alabasta09, alabasta20, redeyed05, whipsmack10, spoons17, kacchan02, chao15, fascinated02, inexpressive18, loveshower16, beastking15, eagle08

April 06, 2017 ------------
17- Traded Kim: my whitewhale05, unreliable05, turkey12, sleeves04, reflexes16, revocs04, shikon15, raijin12, professional18, unborn02, talented02, otomeroad06, otomeroad11, otomeroad20, tonkotsu03, flying15, farmer03, boxcutter13, forelock08, musicboxes18, muffler13, moderator13, melnics04, meimei10, maschera05, major14, lemu15, invader03, invader10, honeytachi08, honest15, domremy20, dknight01, denmark09, demihuman09, costumes04, costumes18, locket07, literate12, cowbell10, holyposes20, jikochuu14, library06 for revenge06, redgem01, rosy13, proud02, obsession09, nekomata09, mask01, manga10, littlekitty17, live04, funyarinpa03, freckles18, enthusiast16, drill04, cleanfreak18, brandless01, brandless10, analyze02, analyze05, active08, admiration17, agriculture03, agriculture14, rarechips07, netnavi05, muramasa13, ipc17, cybeast14, darkloid14, analog03, bigisland11, bluesea06, moumantai13, deva06, darktowers08, durandal10, jadedragon14, rigging11, modo-modo20, mysteries15, pipemaze02, necktie17, sanctioned05, crayon8
14- Traded Raie: my witchhunter10, sunset06, spacepirate04, skater10, sewing10, sewing15, sewing16, serious02, poisonivy02, phantom04, styx16, sheikah03, sheikah07, sheikah14, sheikah17, sneeze08, swordspirit03, toadsage14, sunset03, burning17, insurance02, hachimaki08, exactly03, arme15, lostvayne03, lazy09, erhu02, erhu10, directions11, halos04, eponassong08, foulmouthed04, multi-size01 for protective13, pirateflag13, dwarf05, dandy08, alabasta01, appearance02, appearance20, pah14, outlook20, monochrome20, motorcycle13, marine13, forest07, faust13, current15, boy09, awaken06, awaken08, awaken16, awaken20, apples04, apples10, apples16, mysteries03, azran14, blush02, blush13, castle03, castle13, onigiri03, flamboyant13, inkblast18, indistress07, perfume20, nurseschool11, radiohost12
1- Traded Cassidy: my staging20, mamushi09, druid17, dearbaby02, dearbaby18, make-up01, clowndrop16, futuring15, magicaltoy13, viola05, viola06, second08, wien19, twentyone03, soccerclub19, tabiidol05, tabiidol13, setter01, nonocchi06, genius06, parade03 for war18, monkey17, monkey18, acchan06, acchan14, marine16, maester05, hairclips07, hearts09, deathmetal15, crescent13, angelic18, charger10, attendant11, armor18, entercards02, lightningorb17, netnavi18, netopia15, onigiri05, pirateflag19
20- Traded Cassidy: my pediatrician15, running08, souschef08, stagefright08 for
16- Traded Ten: my furpelt11, notequal18, candlestick18 for starcave19, subway20, carrier18
13- Traded Cassie: my supporter04, supporter20, skeletal06, six09, seaslug12, sakanade06, one-cut06, novice14, norway04, hungary04, hungary15, hungry20, cupid08, cupid12, cupid16, flash11, black13, black15, black17, cupid05, 4-dpocket10 for dwarf14, drumisland08, curemarch01, cleanfreak16, brandless20, boy03, adaptations01, adaptations17, azran12, badge06, dedication16, balloon03, avatar18, beastking01, cybeast04, cybeast14, darkloid14, elderly17, emotion03, longnose15
12- Traded Kunoichigo: my earnest14, dialect06, jaded06, minchi05, minchi15, minchi19, knives16, observant09, pizzicato03, snowdrop18 for devon03, flame07, generation18, netop16, shibainu01, starcave04, tornado13, whirlpool02
2- Traded Kunoichigo: my sig_netbug for sig_kunoichigo
1- Traded Catie: my chimchar08, conjurer03, crossfire19, eblan03, eblan09, elysian01, elysian18, eternia19, friends05, friends12, jior16, karate18, landis03, landis05, mineral08, mineral11, friends10, omnipedia02, orichalcum08, origin17, pokepals14, rozarria03, thief01, uriah18 for answer12, argent07, aspirebreak01, basketballs11, castle19, cerulean17, cuisine07, flame15, flame20, gray04, lascivious03, launch11, lieutenant18, player115, privilege17, skyworld01, smoker02, soundpod11, stayathome01, stayathome17, virtual03, whitesilver16, withdrawn18, yourhonor16
17- Traded Nikita: my whiteclown20, hammer18, bandages18, memorybomb05, karma17, unpopular17, spain03, tengu04, surgeon14, surgeon15, sue08, shoeless17, memento02, masked13, magi01, magi04, fangs02, lotus15, cupnoodles12, hotel13, ghostwriter15, janken01, intent09, medicans06 for azran05, 92fs08, 92fs16, active16, trapped04, trapped05, girl-like16, forest09, bond08, bake01, airblast07, airblast10, gyrostorm05, colorball17, asteroid06, bastion04, affection15, affection19, supersize12, ideal15, crash07, bye-bye20, hairloss05, luna05
13- Book of Cards: my november05, eleven19, eyeshadow01, eyeshadow11, eyeshadow16 for kimono01, flamboyant01, excluded01, excluded03, excluded04

April 04, 2017 ------------
13- Traded Veth: my blazingyato06 for bubble06

March 31, 2017 ------------
12- Traded Lenga: my sbjk19, poultry09, ruthless05, ruthless06, touou19, nonexistent20, uu07, uu19, pain17, respected08, respectful13, trapeze14, uncute03, uncute13, icy07, icy16, landgod11, landgod18, kamisarizuki02, apologetic17, gemstone03, concealing13, dolly11, meijin03, artistic07 for caterpillar10, diamond06, inspired02, starter14, nuvema15, batanima17, zangetsu05, tsukkomi10, university13, right20, curesunny11, earlyshift11, tapioca09, helpful08, heatwave15, gutspunch19, muramasa06, neo-www17, nstackle09, god05, ironmace01, automail17, racing07, revenge01
7- Traded pinkoctopus: my quadra11, rafflesia04, rafflesia20, real20, realian07, realian08, realian13, nishi09, nurse12, opposites18, orphaned20, kasshin17, kiss01, krik20, levitation07, impatient04, impatient10, inherited12, justice04, kanegasaki06, hanamaru19, hapy04, heal01, holictrick11, genomirai19, fear04, fightgod06, fortunes08, fraxinus12, fushigi15, crowds03, dollmaster09, dollmaster13, docodemo13, charms12, ojamajo07, real17, robotic10, scold05, hanamaru01, hanamaru06, marriage09, nukes10, cherrytree15, classa08, ghost16, adorable01, closest09, condiments14, contracted05, desudesu08 for sos04, tsundere12, tsuruko08, papa02, prodigal01, prodigal13, monochrome03, ogikubo06, hairclips10, gekko02, drops20, drunk07, classical18, boy16, camerawoman07, camerawoman10, oracle14, crossbow04, upclose06, ranger16, ranger19, filmmaker14, rarechips15, triplehole07, unluckiest09, unluckiest16, muramasa06, neonlight11, netop09, lionhead05, gutspunch07, gyrostorm13, fincutter20, gabcom15, redshell12, pipemaze03, greenshell03, hairloss12, legal01, modo-modo01, modo-modo07, modo-modo17, tangerine17
16- Traded pinkoctopus: my whiteknight18, yo-yo10, spare13 for armor15, broadway09, coolene02
13- Traded Jun: my windbullet12, pluviose18, diverdown11, summoner14, shard01, rashly19, proudclad02, theater08, theater19, supergirl19, scarlet06, popnbeat08, saint08, realworld20, la-lakoosha06, talisman01, summons04, rashly12, machinegun16, disney10, bravery13, yang16, wait14, mameshiba05, vandimion20, needles19, hotel16, pool10, alternate19, queenbee02, aurora13, dwn-01413, dwn-03808, armlet14, fiddle03, birthday10, arthur11, kyokugenryu06, kyokugen03, daybreak06, anxiouswhite08, mugenjou11, magickey01, letranger12, gawrsh17, devotion09, mameshiba01, mameshiba14, dominance13, firewhip04, aurora09, guardians04, dwn-03505, dwn-01512, fakekey09, dln-00b12 for junkcube08, ipc04, ipc08, ipc13, elecstorm04, elecstorm05, gatlingpin09, gatlingpin15, heian02, heian04, heian10, heian14, enthusiast06, enthusiast11, exorcist15, exorcist17, boy07, bearanima19, big18, beehive09, aria14, 4dragons04, admiration01, admiration10, animereview18, camerawoman11, blackberry17, acchan06, acchan08, automail07, automail10, alkahestry15, antivirus10, grin08, gecko04, dodge08, countering03, countering16, crash09, chick16, attract10, azran01, azran04, ball10, ball11, bigeater20, gastanets11, gastanets16, carpenter09, elderly06, elderly11, diamond15, caterpillar04, foodie05, foodie20, god02
17- Traded Curie: my starboar17 for bubble02
16- Traded Kiri: my sig_netbug, dexterous03, rooftop19, teru11 for nekomata15, sig_kiri, puku20, pyu20

March 30, 2017 ------------
12- Traded Raven: my gangleader02, keeneye07, hypnotizing20, gloucester13, galax14, tvshows16, tuna03, serenade20, ozeki12, cocky18 for analyze18, blackmage01, blackmage05, blackmage06, blackmage11, blackmage20, curepeace05, apprentice03, archaeology07, carpenter20

March 29, 2017 ------------
2- Traded Ritsu: my sig_netbug, raven04, raven14, priestess16, priestess20, reluctant10, wolves12, tenacity18, tenacity19, search05, witness07, jiji17, fireflies14, conventional16, nagumo18, wolves07, mikazuki01, naginata18, glamsight19, mokkun09, mild18, mild19, mail-order04, koukaku20, hiwa08, destruct09, destruct15, change07, dictator15, journalist03, libra08, cancer07, leo10, kneel15, intelligence17, defend13, cups12, housenka04, greekgod02, greekgod04, greekgod06, hotarumaru17 for apologize15, sig_ritsu, appearance17, attract19, balloon01, cape19, forlorn01, pants17, apples08, bathhouse01, bon16, counselor17, cranny18, cranny16, delusions12, forest06, moogle03, mayotama12, officelady02, naught16, naught02, noheart18, ceo09, cruelty15, gyrostorm05, gravityhole01, junkcube12, no1curry12, netsafety15, netnavi08, mysticruins18, mysticruins02, bigisland03, caterpillar01, huge02, mathlesson20, mansion19, lighter09, hustle08, blush06, fairytale16, chocolatier16
20- Traded Olivia: my teller16, maxwell17, japanese17, insurgent12, spaz05, sigmund10, oni20, stressed02, schism12, psychology19, perceive12, overruled02, steiner10, wilkis09, dynames14, devoted09, lorelei05, klutz11, everafter13, badges10, animator06, hymn08, feminine10, forever14, magic08, magic20 for flamboyant02, impulsive14, smart-mouth08, sparrow03, unchanging14, stench04, crash19, wingly04, wingly10, raremedals19, kwg03, hairloss10, hairloss18, curesunny01, beehive09, confection06, stringless04, orchid02, carpenter16, mysticruins17, mysticruins18, perlite16, aurite15, protective16, minidragon17, mega08
14- Traded Lita: my crystalsaber04, helmet19, flameslash17, lordalberion04, foughten16, karateclub03, tarotcards02, sleepyash12, therese01 for airblast03, analog05, chao02, 4dragons11, admiration02, admiration11, cranny13, archaeology20
5- Traded Lacie: my pairs11, otouto05, ore-sama06, pms19, piratehat09, retto06, nomercy16, nomercy18, pheromone14, notebook14, jimi12, hoihoi17, blurball14, badpun03, muga16, monster11, lungs10, lungs15, lucky14, lockon04, lockon15, lockon17, jimi02, granddream07, granddream14, ginka09, gekidasa15, fifth03, fifth17, executioner15, dunksmash20, greenthumb04, forte06, forte13 for zeref10, accused12, tapioca14, trapped08, shannaro03, shannaro17, pah15, nervous19, glider15, bake18, minidragon12, beastking02, pirateflag12, cannibal15, catpawgun09, channel16, runaway16, poffins01, perfume03, dancing18, electricity17, fleurir16, nova04, linda15, monkey01, monkey04, roseneedle08, netop08, netop18, netsafety14, raremedals16, redshell15, solarbeam16
11- Traded Brittany: my relic16, chimchar20, kitten14, elegant14, olderwomen15, interviewer20, jet03, origin12, rattata14, research12, starter07, affection17, axolotl20, bubblebeam16, devon11, dreamyard02, duchess14, grin03, humilau17 for apprentice15, confection19, cottage05, cottage15, 4dragons14, active06, antagonist19, catpawgun06, catpawgun18, curemarch10, crow09, cannibal19, dwarf16, comet11, elderly13, balloon09, balloon10, balloon11, bastion11

March 26, 2017 ------------
12- Traded Chuuya: my esmerelda12, platitudes10 for wingly18, wingly19, rosewood20
10- Traded Cooper: my sidecut01 for
9- Traded Lacie: my sig_netbug for sig_lacie

March 25, 2017 ------------
8- Traded pinkoctopus: my dunceney12, foxhound18, g-1204, losttrust10, huntingdog09, gnaw17, kitten11, goldsaucer03, freelance19, quadra17, quadra20, tentyris06, tentyris17, summon07 for bluebomber13, cosmogate09, fishseller19, broadway18, dranzer03, analyze08, charger10, classical18, crow11, cursed06, crimson06, crossbow04, chromacamo10, determined04
14- Traded Harris: my believer09, bubbly05, callous08, careless17, carpetbomb11, closest16, contracted18, explosion08, feiris20, flamingo08, fragarach03, fraxinus10, genius12 for anti04, blossom11, blossom19, popular08, popular12, popular17, shine18, ironmace12, deva17, mega13, roseneedle06, roseneedle17, scoop17
1- Traded Miro: my toadsage19 for battlebond02
20- Traded Harris: my lolita12, lolita06, lolita05, lovespells19, lovespells08, laevatein08, inlove17 for
13- Traded catfriend: my explode09, explode15 for
11- Traded Adelicya: my scan10 for
10- Traded Veth: my 3dgraphics14, 66911, across07, quadra01, theinferno11, deku15 for sealand16, eggshells10, elemental01, elemental08, uguu17, university13

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